BNI Web Site Documentation

Section 0.0 - Intro

Who am I: I'm Marc Silverman, a Director Consultant for the Manhattan BNI Region, and member of BNI Chapter 7. When I became a member of this chapter, its web site needed attention (unappealing design and no web person on hand to keep it current) so I stepped in to revise it. But I took it much further than that...

What is this web site: What was once an online brochure for our chapter is now an "Active Partner" for each of our chapter members. I built into this revised site the ability for the Leadership Team and their designees to keep the online information totally up-to-date with no web skills or computer knowledge other than their ability to copy/paste text, or type sentences as they normally do.

How this helps your BNI Chapter: I constructed the site so it could be "redeployed" for other BNI Chapters. Your Chapter can be next to take advantage of this "Content Manageable" web site design. Your Leadership Team can update the site for online visitors to see, and each Member can keep their own Member Profile completly up-to-date. You'll even be able to print the weekly meeting handouts - always with the most current info - "One-Entry/Multiple Uses" for all information.

What's the Key Feature: The key feature of this web site package is no web person needs to be on call for any reason - regular people like you and your chapter members can change the content to keep the site (and weekly handouts) current with nothing more than the ability to type sentences into the computer! And the design style reflects the overall BNI design theme - a plus for your chapter, whether a newly-formed or long-time chapter.

Who's Using it Now: Click these links to see variations in the design and colors that several BNI Chapters are using: Chapter 5, Chapter 7, Chapter 22, Chapter 31, Chapter 40, Chapter 42, Chapter 55, Chapter 66.

The following Sections contain complete instructions for you and your Chapter Leadership Team so you'll be able begin revising the content of your web site immediately.

Section 1.0 - Main Page

Main Page

This is the Main Page. The NavBar on the left has a list of Links; below that are the names of your Chapter Leadership members; and then your Chapter's Web Site Coordinator who oversees the site.

The Member List on the right are links that can be clicked to go directly to the Member Profile for each member.

The center area contains the page content. The content on all pages can be easily changed whenever needed.

Your Chapter Name and Number will always show, and the Member Count for your chapter will always show the correct number of members automatically.

The text in every section visible on every page of the site can be separately updated by the Leadership Team members you designate.

Section 2.0 - Leadership Features

Admin Access Area Link

Click on the Click Here to Access the Leadership Update Area link to get to the Password Protected Admin Area. The Password for this area should be given only to the Chapter's Leadership Members you designate for their use in updating the site.

The Username and the Password have been provided to your Leadership Team already.

Section 2.1 - Revising Pages

Revise Page Sections List

Here you see the list of Main Page Sections, Web Page Revisions, Membership Updates, and Meeting Printouts. You can revise and manage the text for all of these content pages of the site.

Section 2.2 - Text Updates

Revise Section Text Window

This is the entry area where you will type in or copy/paste text or changes for the indicated page or section. There is a "reminder" that you can can use typical html tags to style your text with Bold, Italic, Underline, and Centered text. In fact, any html tag can be used along with the ordinary text, but html tags are not necessary, they are totally optional.

In this example, certain lines of the text are set to Bold, and others are set to Italic.

Press the Save button to save your revised text

Section 2.3 - Leadership Team Updates

Revise Leadership List

This is the entry area for the Leadership List that appears in the NavBar on the left.

Section 2.4 - Education Area

Create Education Article

The Education Section contains an archive of Articles posted by the Chapter's Educational Coordinator. Each Article will be automatically added to the Pull-Down menu, and will appear on the Education Page for members and visitors to view. In most BNI Chapters, a new Education Article is added each week, and with this automated programming, it's as easy as copy/pasting.

Use the Click Here to create a new article link at the top to post a new article.

Section 2.5 - Education Updates

Revise an Education Article

To revise an Education Article that's already online, use the pull-down menu to select the Article to revise. The link to Delete any Article will be found in the resulting screen as well (not shown).

Section 2.6 - Weekly Member Roster

Print Member List

One of the most useful built-in features is the automatic formatting for Printing of the full Member Roster for distribution at your weekly meetings. Use the Print Member List link.

Enter the upcoming Meeting Date in the date field at the top, and double-check that the 4 Column Head Boxes (for the Area Directors, Chapter Leaders, Membership Committee, Visitor Hosts, and Educational Coordinator) have the correct information. Typically, once you have set the info in these boxes they won't have to be changed very often. This info will appear at the top of the printouts as shown in the small diagrams.

Note: This is also where you indicate your Education Coordinator in the separate field at the bottom. This is the name that appears on the Education Area page (Section 2.4).

When the Date and Info are correct, press the Submit button to move to the printing step.

Section 2.7 - Print Member Roster

Formatted Member Page for Printing

The page that results can be printed directly from your web browser, and includes all of the necessary information that your Guests and Members can take with them (Including the Memory Hooks!) Most BNI Chapters set the Page Setup for their printer to "Landscape" so the Member List prints wide and presents the info in a more pleasing way.

Section 2.8 - Print Announcements

Formatted Announcement Page for Printing

The information from the Main Page of your BNI web site can also be formatted automatically to be printed and distributed at your weekly meeting.

Section 2.9 - Chapter Calendar

Chapter Calendar

Google provides an Online Calendar that offers a large number of extra features - sharing, multiple access levels, public events, and much more. Members who already use the Google Calendar can add the Chapter Calendar to their personal or business calendar with one easy click. Click the Calendar Icon in the Right Menu to access the Google Calendar.

Section 2.10 - Closed Business Thermometer

Closed Business Thermometer

Many BNI Chapters track the amount of money that is generated by the referrals the members give. Enter an amount for the "Closed Business Goal" and enter the amount that the chapter has raised to date and the Thermometer will show in the Right Menu. Set the values to "0" and the Thermometer will not show at all.

Section 3.0 - Membership List

Add a New Member

The membership Committee will be able to Add New Members to the web site on a regular basis. Use the Member Area link to access the Leadership Update Area, then click the Update Member List link to see the screen shown above.

Use the Click here to Add a New Member link at the top.

Section 3.1 - Add a New Member

Add a New Member Entry Page

When you Add a New Member, there are 5 Required items to enter so that the automated programming can work correctly. Be certain to Enter the First Name, Last Name, Category, Email Address, and Password in the proper entry fields.

No other member info has to be added at this time, but sometimes the Membership Committee member will enter info into some of the other fields. You can set any password you want for the new member, and it will be sent to them automatically so that they can access their own Member Profile and make additions or changes. Making the "start-up" password easy to remember is suggested since it can be changed at any time by the member.

Before you press the "Add New Member" button, make sure you have entered the 5 required items. An email will be sent automatically to the New Member at the email address you entered above, so be certain that the email address you entered is correct. Remember, the new member will access only their own Member Profile - do not assign them the same password you already use for your Leadership Team access.

Section 3.2 - Update Member Info

Update a Member

Click the Arrow Icon next to any Member's Name to make changes to their information. The Update Member's Info screen (shown below) will open.

Section 3.3 - Delete Member

Delete a Member

From time to time it will be necessary to Delete a Member. At the top of the individual member's Update Member's Info screen you will see the Click Here to Delete link to remove that member from the roster.

Section 3.4 - Sub List Area

Update the Sub List

Some BNI Chapters maintain a Sub List of people who are available to step in as substitutes for members when absenses are necessary. Use the Update Sub List link to keep your list completely up-to-date

Section 4.0 - Member Features

Member Area Page

Each of your Chapter Members can access their own Member Profile to Update their Contact Info, Business Description, and Add a Photo or a Logo to the Member Profile that all visitors can see.

A Chapter Member will use the Member Area link in the NavBar on the left to see the screen shown above. Then by Clicking on their Name in the Member List on the right, they will be taken to their individual Enter Password screen.

Section 4.1 - Profile Updates

Member Profile Update Page

Clear instructions on this page will help your Members enter the information in the fields, and transfer a headshot photo or company logo to the server to appear in the Profile.

If the Member wants to set a New Password, it is entered twice (to assure it's typed correctly). Leave the Password fields blank if the Member dosen't want to change the password.

Section 4.2 - Send Group Email

Group Email Feature

Any Chapter Member can send a Group Email to all the others in the chapter using a simple, one-step entry box. Enter a Message Subject and the Message, then press the "Send Group Email" button. This feature is not available to outsiders.

Section 4.3 - Invite a Guest

Invite a Guest

Growing a BNI Chapter is one of the most important activities for members. The Invite a Visitor feature makes the process simple, and permits "accountability" by providing a way for one of the Leadership Team members to follow up before the meeting so the guest knows they are welcome and expected.

Section 4.4 - Preview Invitation

Preview Invitation

Before the Invitation is sent, changes can be made to the text to personalize it, or one or more other chapter members can be selected to receive a copy for follow up with the guest.

Section 5.0 - One Entry - Multiple Uses

Manhattan BNI Chapters' Web Sites

This fully functional, automated web site was designed to be deployed to any Manhattan BNI Chapter that didn't have the financial resourses to afford the highest quality web site, but refused to "buy low" and settle for less than the best site they could envision.

Marc Silverman, Manhattan BNI Chapter 7, is a Web Developer and Hosting Provider who realized that by building an overly feature-filled site, (too expensive for any single BNI Chapter), designing it so that it could use database-driven content (data is entered once, but used multiple times), could be mastered and used by non-web folks by way of built-in automated features (to eliminate some "web techie" having to be on call), and offering it as a ready-to-fly solution for multiple BNI Chapters, he could give back something to the other BNI Chapters by charging a low fee for each deployment of the complete site.

You now have an opportunity to have your own BNI Web Site in virtually the blink of an eye, for less than one-fifth of its cost to design, develop, program, and implement. A true-to-life bargain that will help your Chapter Grow! Go for it!

Marc Silverman
Web Development & Hosting
Manhattan BNI Chapter 7

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